Inclement Weather Update 1/11

This weekend the National Weather Service is calling for a strong possibility of lowland snow in the Puget Sound Region. The probability of this event is still unknown at this point as forecasts are still being constructed by computers and meteorologists. Yet, we do know this: the probability of snow is growing, not declining.

As most, if not all of you know, Seattle is not the best city at handling snow. We’ve tried all sorts of different plans to make our steep roads less treacherous, but to no avail. You can only do so much to make the roads better, when the problem is probably the drivers (like a good friend of mine always says, “you can’t fix stupid”). But, that’s a different story.

I thought it would be a good thing to preemptively let you know what are plans are if it does snow .

Paradox is a mobile church. Meaning, we have a truck that pulls a trailer with all of our AV equipment and more. So here is our inclement weather policy. If the truck and trailer can make it, you can make it. So basically, we’re on!

Have a nice day and I hope this post doesn’t get your hopes too high for snow this weekend. We all know, once snow is forecasted it rarely comes…

For you weather geeks like me out there, check out this weather blog that better describes the possibility of snow.


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