2 Timothy


2 Timothy was written shortly after 1 Timothy by Paul to his young disciple Timothy who was left in charge of appointing elders and helping build the church in Ephesus. Written approximately in the late 60′s AD (67 or 68 AD 1) these are the last recorded words of Paul’s that we have.

Paul, likely sensing his impending death, takes a more nostalgic and fatherly tone than in his previous letter to Timothy. He writes as he is in prison in Rome awaiting his execution (most likely he was beheaded in Rome in the late 60′s AD). Paul focuses on continuing to refute false teaching as in 1 Timothy and also teaches on endurance, boldness and perseverance.

We have much to learn from this incredible book. There is something special about listening to the wisdom of an older man, especially one who is close to death and has their own death in mind and perspective as they write and speak. Paul’s wisdom not only carries the weight and authority of his Apostolic office and his age, but also the magnitude of the fact that he continues to hold to Christ more dearly as he knows he will be put to death for his love for Jesus.

February 6th 2011-April 3rd 2011.


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